Developing the Blueprint to Safely Open Schools


Safely Opening Schools

  • Safely Opening Schools is an organization created to develop and deploy an immediate strategy to safely open schools in the USA and provide a long-term plan for transforming the US education and health care response systems. Our values focus on supporting children’s needs, removing educational disparities, getting families back to work, and creating an infrastructure that will contribute to school and community safety and security.
  • Our program brings together a multidisciplinary team with expertise in education, healthcare, healthcare technology, and national execution ability. We will remove health and educational disparities in the US education system and create a safe environment where children can maximize their potential. We will also create an opportunity to employ local people and businesses during a time of economic downturn. Finally, we will put the most comprehensive health network in place to ensure our children’s safety now and in the future.

About us

The Health Hero program was developed with the sole focus on delivering safe, efficient immunization programs for schools to raise vaccination rates and lower student Absenteeism.

We manage the process from end-to-end and provide our services at no cost to schools and families.

Health Hero provides clinics for required immunizations and boosters such as Influenza, TDaP, Meningococcal, and HPV to ensure students are in compliance and not kept out of School.

The Health Hero program has immunized over 1,000,000 students, teachers and staff. Our clinics are administered by state licensed nurses and overseen by Board Certified Doctors with many years of experience practicing Family or Pediatric medicine. We vaccinate all parent consented and eligible children on a voluntary basis, regardless of their insurance coverage.

The process is very streamlined and simple. We only ask that you:

  1. Pass out parent consent forms
  2. Collect all forms back and review for completeness
  3. Contact Health Hero with number of participants

Health Hero will work with you to develop a sensible clinic schedule. Our program is easily scalable as we handle school systems with as few as a couple of locations to large city school districts. Clinics generally last under 90 minutes per school and students are out of the classroom for only 5-10 minutes.

Why We Need a Comprehensive Plan

School Nurses are Critical to Our National Recovery

90.7% conduct screenings to identify students at risk.

track student immunization requirements (outbreak prevention)

develop student care plans to help improve health and academic outcomes.

additional nurses to adequately staff schools

School Nurses Require Government Support

88% of districts DO NOT have an isolation area.

75% of districts DO NOT have a sink in every nurse office.

47% of districts DO NOT have enough gloves for their nurses.

40% of districts say they DO NOT have enough face masks for their nurses.

Public Schools: Where Education & Health Intersect Everyday in over 138,000 Locations

Suicide rates in Yakima, Washington have risen by 30%
US Map
In Montgomery, Alabama, four educators died within 48 hours in January, spurring the city's district to go remote, starting February 1st. "We have educators who are dying from this. We know they're taking it home” Theron Stokes Associate Executive Director Alabama Education Association (AEA)

The Impact is Real

1. An estimated 17 million children are at high risk of not having enough food to eat

2. A 24% increase in mental health-related visits among school children ages 5-11

3. 1 in 4 young adults said yes to having suicidal thoughts during the pandemic

4. An estimated 10-16 million low-income students are lacking home internet or proper digital devices

5. The pandemic costs an average family of four $200,000 in economic and health related issues

6. An estimated $7.6 trillion has been lost in the gross domestic product (GDP)
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We have the opportunity to turn this crisis into a transformation of education in America.

Integrated School Health Network

  1. In Every Community
  2. A Nurse for Every School
  3. Isolated Air-Return System
    1. UV Air Treatment
    2. Ionization Air Treatment
  4. VFC-Compliant Storage
    1. National Offsite Temperature Monitoring
    2. Inventory Management
Building Blueprint

Innovative Prevention & Screening



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